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The Similarities Between MDs and NDs

When I got talking to practitioners in our Toronto acne clinic, I learned that our naturopathic doctors also spend a lot of time treating other skin issues.

These include eczema and various rashes.

So while we’re talking mainly about acne below, whatever you have going on with your skin, they can absolutely help.

And they treat people of all ages. Obviously, teenagers often run into acne and other skin issues, but many adults do too. And infants and kids are often brought in with issues, as well.

Any of these issues can be hard to deal with emotionally. Fortunately, you can get rid of acne by doing natural acne treatment. And the same goes for these other issues.

We have several naturopathic doctors at our Toronto acne clinic who have a lot of experience treating acne, eczema and rashes.

Today, a few of them share their tips…

Dr. Anthony Gucciardi, Naturopathic Doctor

It’s quite incredible the amount of patients that get in touch with Mahaya Forest Hill with Acne as their chief complaint.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and there are a lot of complications on the skin.

Usually, there are three different directions I could consider when a patient with acne is in the office.

One is the toxic load on the body. So considering the organs of elimination; the kidneys, the liver, the lungs, the colon, as well as the skin. All of these are organs of elimination. Making sure that all of these pathways are properly supported is one important aspect of working with a person with acne.

Another direction is the discussion of food. Food can be inflammatory and can bring a lot of inflammation into someone’s body. This has implications on the immune system. It has implications to the way sugar is metabolized in the body, the way cholesterol and fats are metabolized in the body.

This all has to do with diet. And really working with someone in terms of the food they eat and the routines they have is also a strong part of working with an individual with acne.

Finally, there’s the direction of hormones, which is completely relevant in both males and females. You do see a lot of acne related to the female cycle. And there’s a host of botanical and nutraceutical options that can bring a better balance to the hormones.

As well as males, the balance of testosterone and estrogen and DHEA. Hormones are also something to investigate. That’s another path that is completely relevant when an individual with acne is in the office.

Dr. Tehseen Meghji, Naturopathic Doctor

Asian medicine.
In Asian medicine, acne is caused by dampness and heat in the body. To avoid dampness and heat you can avoid dairy, refined sugars, fried foods and processed foods.

Detoxification of the liver.
Squeeze half a lemon, preferably organic, in a glass of warm water. Drink this upon waking up to cleanse and detoxify the liver. Botanical herbs and supplements can also be beneficial.

Hormonal imbalance.
A naturopathic doctor can do a lab test to find out if imbalances in the liver are present.

Acne treatment takes time. Treating acne takes longer than other issues, especially for patients with severe conditions. Following a healthy diet, detoxifying the liver, and applying topical solutions to acne-caused lesions may be prescribed as well.

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