Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

By Dr. Beth Crozsman, D.C. –

Becoming pregnant can be a wonderful experience but can also be a time of great uncertainty.  Many concerns car arise as your body begins to change and previous health concerns reappear or new issues arise.

Accurate information is important!  So is proper care.  With the many health options out there, how do you choose?

Here’s how chiropractic care can help!

Many complaints during pregnancy can be traced back to an originating segment in the spine that is restricted or moving too much.  Headaches and low back pain are the two more obvious complaints that chiropractors can help to relieve but by facilitating nervous communication by correcting alignment, other, less obvious complaints, such as digestive issues, heart burn, nausea and swelling can be alleviated (some more temporary then others)

Common Complaints during pregnancy:

1)Low back and pelvic pain – due to changes in hormones and the shape of your pelvis

2)Nausea / Morning sickness – due to surges of estrogen, progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin

3)Sciatic never pain (“Sciatica”) – from compression or irritation of the Sciatic nerve from a bulging disc, tight piriformis muscle, restrictions of the lumbar spine or fetus positioning

4)Headaches – from hormonal changes or neck postural changes (loss of natural curve). After 28 weeks may be due to Toxemia.

5)Heartburn – from fetus positioning again the diaphragm or restrictions of the spine.

6)Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – from water retention or from compression at the neck.

7)Constipation – from abdominal crowding and slowing of digestive process.

8 ) Meralgia Paresthetica – from compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve from increased abdominal weight

9)Swelling of ankles, legs and feet – from increased sodium retention and increased blood volume

10)Diastasis Symphysis Pubis – a painful condition caused by a tearing of the disc between the pubic bones

11) Leg cramps – from malabsorption of calcium, fetal pressure on blood vessels or restrictions of the sacrum or low back

12)Bell’s Palsy – from facial nerve swelling or restrictions at the atlanto-occipital region

Chiropractic care is not only used during a pregnancy for resolving complaints. There has been much research into the benefits of Chiropractic care for making your pregnancy more comfortable and to ease delivery.

Here are a few potential benefits found by the American Pregnancy Association:

  • Decreasing miscarriages
  • Controlling Vomiting
  • Increasing likelihood of full term delivery
  • Prevention of caesarian section or vaginal breech delivery
  • Reduction in labour times by 25%-33%

It’s not just about adjusting!

Your chiropractor can help with your pregnancy in many ways!  Your chiropractor has been trained to be able to educate you, not on your physical symptoms, but also on dietary advice, supplementation possibilities, dangerous activities such as smoking and drinking alcohol during your pregnancy.

Your chiropractor can also develop a specific exercise plan made to fit your needs and you activity level to help ease delivery and help in a fast recovery

It is also important to monitor your weight gain during your pregnancy.  Though each person varies on how much weight they gain, it is important for both mom-to-be and baby to be in the right range for your weight category.  Your chiropractor can help monitor your weight gain and offer you strategies to either gain more weight or gain less (as both can be dangerous)