Plant-Based Medicine

by Dr. Mayu Kana, Naturopathic Doctor

Some of the things that come up in my patients as vegans, or people that are more plant-based, is how to deal with deficiencies that you might have.

For example, most people on a vegan diet have to supplement with B12 or B vitamins in general; ensuring there a good source of iron, as well as ensuring that they are getting good Omega 3’s and good fats in their diet.

I ensure we monitor and we do the lab work that is necessary to test your bloodwork. We want to ensure that you are optimal in terms of your nutrition and that we are supplementing if we need to.

We also want to ensure you are getting all of the nutrition you need and that you are eating the right kind of foods, whole foods.

This is one of the focuses I have as a plant-based Naturopathic Doctor.

I am aware of all the foods that need to be consumed, as well as all the nutrition that needs to be consumed to ensure that you are optimized and that you Thrive at what you do best.

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