Natural Pharmacy Toronto

Natural Pharmacy Toronto Our natural pharmacy in Toronto exists not only to make it simple for patients to find items recommended by our practitioners, but also serves as a dispensary to fill prescriptions from other naturopaths, homeopaths, and herbalists.

Herbs and supplements can be a helpful part of naturopathic treatment protocols, so we carry an extensive line of herbal remedies, tinctures, and top quality nutritional supplements.

We stock a wide range of loose and packaged herbs (both Eastern and Western), vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, and other nutraceuticals that are subject to quality control and laboratory testing for their safety and efficacy.

We offer specialized nutritional supplements that may not be available through health foods stores, as well as offering the option to customize herbal remedies and tinctures to suit your individual needs.

With a focus on quality, potency and freshness, the Mahaya natural pharmacy plays a key role in the services of our naturopathic doctors and other practitioners.

Whether you visit us for a naturopathic appointment or seeking a particular product from our dispensary, we hope to meet all of your vitamin and supplement needs.