Massage And Music

By Akari Yokokawa, RMT

Many of us love to have music during massage…  But here are few things that are needed to be aware, so let’s talk about how massage and music interact.

As many of you might have experienced this in the past in some forms, music could bring you back old memories, and you often would start looking back those moment. But what if you have negative memories associated with the music? Or you don’t like that music at all? The music would impact your emotional state quite negatively, and this can of course apply during the massage session to both clients and therapists.

For example, classic music would go along different rhythms, pitches, and tones with stories, and in fact, these changes have a great impact on the therapist’s performance and techniques can become too vague, too fast, or too slow. Some techniques are rhythm specific, or can be done with client’s breathing pattern, so it could be very annoying for the client and for the therapist when the music and this rhythm don’t match.

Technically speaking, music should be avoided especially during deep relaxation massage session or when a client is very sensitive to stimuli or is somehow in a restless state of mind, so that the massage maximally enhances a parasympathetic (relaxed) state with no unnecessary disturbance.