By Akari Yokokawa, RMT

Body and mind are closely related.

You might have experienced that massage brings you random/unrelated memories and emotions such as merry, nostalgic, melancholic, sorrow, tearful, or anger. This is the phenomenon called Emotional Release. Emotion accumulates in the body, and having massage could bring the stored memories and emotions to the surface and release.

This is seen quite common – maybe more than you would think.

Emotional release can bring you such a small episode that you have almost forgotten, and can happen to a person who had massages so many times, especially when her condition/mood is different, or she received a massage from a different therapist. Some people release and flush off the emotions with tears during massage, then walk out with a radiant smile. It is just like being released and freed both physically and emotionally. If the emotional release is capable for you to handle, why don’t you let it arise and go, you will feel and appreciate your mind and body become freed and lighter. You would see everything in a better light after the massage.

However, if the emotional release of negative or bitter memories are overwhelming for you to deal with during the massage, please speak to your therapist how you would like the situation handled.  Some prefer having massage continued, some need someone (therapist)’s physical presence in the room but no treatment, some want to speak out regarding the emotions, some want to stop treatment altogether, and in any situation,  the therapist respects your preference because we know that the extra stress on top of excessive emotions will not do any good.