Lab Testing

Blood Test Toronto Diagnostic tests and assessments are an integral part of any complete health care plan.

It is all but impossible to heal from disease, improve energy levels, restore balance, manage weight or improve strength and immunity without first understanding the current condition of your body, making laboratory testing an important part of your progress toward health.

Our complete panel of laboratory tests and diagnostics sets Mahaya Forest Hill apart from many other holistic clinics.

Instead of relying on your doctor to order tests, our practitioners can requisition laboratory testing including blood, salivary, urinary, and any other diagnostics that may be needed to ensure that you receive the best and most appropriate treatment.

We offer everything from blood tests for lipids (cholesterol), hormone panels, thyroid profile, to tests for heart disease, heavy metals, and brain neurotransmitters.

We also perform urinalysis, hair analysis, salivary hormone diagnostics, allergy workups and parasite testing.

Many of these diagnostics are available on-site, while other off-site tests require a take-home kit that you can use at your convenience. Any of these tests can be ordered by our naturopathic doctors in order to customize a treatment plan for you.

The following tests can be obtained at our clinic and the results are made available to you.

  • Food Sensitivity Testing: IgG food sensitivities are implicated in a number of acute and chronic conditions. Presentations such as eczema, migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, urticarial rashes, and even weight gain may be the result of long-standing sensitivities to certain foods. The professionals at Mahaya use special testing to evaluate your personal reactivity against 200 food antigens.
  • Lipid and Liver Function Tests: The professionals at Mahaya recognize the liver as playing a vital role in the detoxification and cleansing of the blood. The liver also plays an important role in keeping a healthy balance in the ratio of our lipids. In regards to liver testing, Mahaya is on par with any medical clinic, with attention on lipid and cholesterol levels, as well as typical liver function testing.
  • Pap Smear: A pelvic examination and pap smear is recommended every two years for women over the age of 18 and for younger women who are sexually active, and is performed to screen for cervical cancer or pre-cancer situations. At Mahaya, our compassionate naturopathic doctors perform the examination slowly and carefully. We’ll explain each step of the Pap smear in advance and make sure that you are comfortable before proceeding.
  • Cortisol Curve and Specialty Hormone Tests: With the most up-to date research on female fertility, hormones, hormone metabolites, and cortisol curve testing, our practitioners collaborate with medical laboratories to offer a personal and in-depth approach to bringing a balance to your endocrine system.
  • H. pylori Urea Breath Test: Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria that is normally found in the stomach. An overgrowth of H. pylori can be responsible for a multitude of symptoms, such as bloating, heartburn, burning pains, burping, and stomach ulcers. Allow our professionals to evaluate your case and if need be, help you set-up an appointment for a urea breath test.
  • Environmental Toxin Testing: The urban environment, as efficient and supportive as it can be for human life, presents a lot of environmental pollution. Not just in the air we breathe, but in the products we use, the food we eat, and the materials we surround ourselves with. The body breaks down these toxins and eliminates their metabolites in the urine, which is why testing the urine is an excellent way to monitor toxin exposure. Allow our practitioners to help support and guide you through a lab based full body detoxification.