IV Therapy

Dr. Hayhlee Clarence, Naturopathic Doctor

IV Therapy is one the tools we have in our toolbox as Naturopathic Doctors. When we talk about IV therapy, we are talking about vitamin therapy.

We aren’t talking about pharmaceuticals and prescribed medications that we might see in hospitals, but more things like Vitamin C, Glutathione; a lot of the anti-oxidant vitamins that really can help support healthy cell functioning, energy, and all of those kinds of things.

With Vitamin C, a lot of people find it’s the most beneficial for anything related to fatigue or chronic conditions where patients cannot move forward in recovery.

For Cancer patients, IV Vitamin C therapy is something that most people seem to be interested in; most people have heard of it if they’ve done any research into cancer care or cancer care support.

It should be a conversation that should be specific to the type of cancer they have, where they are in treatment, and what their goals are. It tends to be more than just, “you have cancer, IV vitamin C is fantastic, let’s get started”, it should be a conversation about the patient specifically.

What do they want from it? Where are they in treatment? Is it safe? Does it have enough of an effect to warrant it? From there, we can move forward with it. It can be a fantastic tool to help people recover from, especially the more draining treatments, as well as move back into a healthier state.

Often, for cancer patients, it can help to support remission, which is the goal once patients are recovering; to keep them as well as possible for as long as possible.