Hindsight is 20/20

By Dr. Annie Salsberg, ND –

I pride myself on being a conscientious parent, attentive to my children’s physical and emotional needs.  I also value prevention as a best medical practice. In Wyatt’s three short years, he has frequented several naturopaths, homeopaths, and an osteopath. Now, this may seem overzealous, but for me, it’s about laying a strong foundation for his future.


Last summer, we were dealt an unforeseen hand. Either he jumped or fell, neither my husband nor I will ever know, but when we both looked up, Wyatt lay at the bottom of a play structure in the park. It was apparent that it was more than a ‘booboo’ so off to Sickkids we went. No blood, minimal bruising…. you just get that deep feeling – you know that something is not right. I give lots of credit to the homeopathics that I had with me at the time (in case of an emergency – yes, I do carry homeopathics in my diaper bag!), for helping us all through our long afternoon at the hospital. By dinner we were discharged and Wyatt had a brand new cast, a result of a spiral fracture to his left tibia (lower leg bone).


He’s an active, physical kid so I suppose most people were surprised, but not totally shocked to hear that he had broken his leg. However, I’ll always wonder what happened as he was not doing anything particularly risky or beyond his physical ability. In any case, he has recovered well and I am thankful.


Wyatt turned three this past February. I was told that it was time to take him in for his first dental visit, as well as to have his eyes examined. Our visit to the dentist went much better than expected – Wyatt even left smiling! However, I was completely shocked to hear what the optometrist had to say. It turns out that Wyatt has an astigmatism in both eyes; he is also far sighted in both eyes. She said, “Have you ever noticed him to have issues with depth perception? Has he ever had a fall?”.  My heart really did sink in that moment. While no one can ever say for certain whether vision played a role in his accident, I have become a ‘crusader’ for early and regular eye checkups for kids. I am surprised by the number of friends and family members who have still not taken in their kids for an eye exam. As incentive, OHIP does cover the visits for children.


I will continue to take my kids in regularly to all manner of practitioners to support their overall health and wellbeing. And, I still feel great about planting the seeds of good health that can last a lifetime. But, I know that life will continue to throw curve balls just to keep us on our toes.