Dry Eyes? Acupuncture Can Help

Justin Lee, Licensed Acupuncturist
By Justin Lee, Acupuncturist

Do your eyes feel like a DESERT sometimes?

You may have noticed them especially at the end of a workday – after staring at a computer screen for hours.

Hopefully your boss doesn’t need you to do overtime because your dry eyes will be screaming “NO MORE!”. The worst are evening events. You always know you’ll be feeling the urge to switch into glasses mid-way through the evening. Bummer.

Wouldn’t it be great if your eyes could just self regulate? Wouldn’t it be great if they felt adequately moist, and not dry or stingy at all? Well, did you know that acupuncture is great for relieving dry eyes and treating their underlying causes? Don’t worry the needles don’t go anywhere near your actual eyes.

You may have been told that this is just a sign of aging, that you have a higher level of inflammation in your eyes, or that your eyes just don’t produce enough tears. You may have also been told that you would likely have to live with this condition for the rest of your life. Now these are valid points, however at AcuSoul we believe your body has the ability to change. By looking at your health from a different perspective, we can find different solutions to dry eyes. But how? you might be wondering.

The liver in Chinese Medicine is related to hypochondriac pain, tendons, healthy nails, and last but not least the EYES. According to western medicine the liver is an organ that filters toxins from your blood. Many things can lead to an accumulation of toxins in the liver, such as: alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, fried foods, and junk food. At AcuSoul we also take into consideration your mental-emotional health. Emotions like frustration, anger, or constantly feeling under pressure can cause the liver’s performance to decline. An overworked or toxic liver can lead to inflammation – manifesting as DRYNESS OF THE EYES.

So how do we fix this?

With the above condition, we would use acupoints on the liver meridian to help detox the organ and eliminate dry eyes.

You might also be wondering how many treatments would it take? Everybody heals at a different rate, but typically we recommend starting with 8-10 sessions. Over the course of these treatments you can see for yourself the progress we are making after each session.

If you’ve never tried acupuncture before, we use an extremely gentle technique with thinner needles, leading to a pain-free experience. We usually target leg, abdomen, or back points, so nothing actually near the eyes. We also provide dietary recommendations so your body can continue with detoxifying the liver in between treatments. If you’re looking to get rid of irritating dry eyes, book a session today – You won’t regret it!