COVID-19 Update

Under discretion of federal and provincial regulations, as well as guidelines from the governing Colleges of our practitioners, Mahaya Forest Hill is now providing full service to current patients, as well as new patients.

Currently, Mahaya Forest Hill will be offering full Naturopathic and Psychotherapy/Counselling services via Telemedicine – secure phone and video consults – as well as in-person visits when necessary. Our acupuncturist is now accepting in person consultations.

Feel free to email or call us anytime to arrange an appointment.

Part of our intake form will include a screen for respiratory symptoms/recent illness/travel/etc. and there will be an in-office screen for in-person consults. All bookings will receive a confirmation email with details pertaining to their visit, and will contain reminders regarding our current precautions.

PPE will be necessary in the initial stages of in-person consultations. We encourage you to bring your own personal face mask. The clinic will also provide masks if needed.

Appointments will be staggered, so we encourage you not to arrive too early or too late for your appointment, as we want to minimize contact in our waiting area. There will be a barrier between patients and reception, also to minimize contact. Although this will be an inconvenience and rather informal, it is the best option at this time.

We will will have gloves of all sizes on site, and will ensure that surfaces are cleaned and disinfected between patient visits. All practitioners at the clinic will maintain social distancing between each other during their time at the clinic, and our offices will be set-up with social distance in mind.

Please give us a call or send us an email with any concerns or inquiries.