About Brain Health

Dr. As’ad Hamid, Naturopathic Doctor

A healthy brain leads to a healthy life. If your brain is doing well, chances are your body will be doing well.

How do you know if your brain is not healthy?

If you’re having a very difficult time concentrating and staying on task, if you’re feeling what people refer to as ADHD (which is another condition), if you’re feeling anxious or depressed and it’s been happening for a long time. 

In addition, if nothings is helping; the drugs aren’t helping, psychotherapy isn’t helping, it may mean that you are in a situation where your brain is inflamed, or where there is some kind of neuro-inflammation, or brain inflammation happening.

I really love working with these conditions; when patients come in to see us, often they are frustrated with the care they have been receiving. All healthcare practitioners are well meaning, and all have different tools that help their patients get better.

For instance, patients can go to a medical doctor and get prescribed an anti-depressant or an anti-anxiety medication. These medications can serve a patient very well, and the patient can start to feel improved well being. Often, when these approaches don’t work, it’s worth digging deeper.

Above all, it’s worth coming to see Naturopathic Doctor, like me, who has been trained to work with that patient population.