Bipolar Disorder

Firstly, sometimes when people come in, say, when they’re experiencing a lot of anxiety and depression.

What winds up happening over time is it may get revealed that they have symptoms that indicate bipolar.

Sometimes people come in with a lot of anxiety and depression. What may be revealed over time is that they may be experiencing symptoms that indicate bipolar.

So, one of the things that people don’t get about bipolar disorder. For example, it’s not something that you shift poles once, twice, three times a day, or once, twice a week.

In contrast, bipolar disorder typically – classic bipolar disorder – is where somebody, for most of the year, experiences life in one pole or the other.

Other than that, maybe two or times a year for a two or three week period, they switch to the other pole.

Moreover, there’s a series of symptoms that a trained psychologist or a trained psychiatrist. It tells them whether somebody is likely experiencing bipolar disorder. And at that point, medication is often recommended.