Back Pain Clinic Toronto – A More Holistic Approach

We’re so lucky to have such a highly skilled team of integrated practitioners to help you at our back pain clinic.

Back Pain Clinic

Our Acupuncturist, Osteopaths and Naturopathic Doctors work together. Their goal is to give you back pain relief not only now, but in the long run, as well.

Together, they may make up the most effective back pain clinic in Toronto. And that’s the good news – back pain is treatable!

Below are some back pain treatment tips from our team members. They spend a lot of time on chronic back pain, lower back pain and upper back pain.


  • Back pain is common. Almost 80 percent of the population have experienced back pain in their lifetime. Chiropractors treat all kinds of back pain.
  • Back pain treatment. It’s not only about getting you in for regular adjustments to our Toronto clinic. Good chiropractors will find the root cause of the symptom to bring you back pain relief in the long term.
  • Home care. Stretching and exercising are important for reducing back pain.
  • Back pain. Low back pain is the most common. Interestingly, it often comes on suddenly, like a spasm when you bend over to tie your shoes. Upper back and shoulder pain are more consistently there from working at the computer or what have you.
  • Holistic approach. For long term healing, it’s much more effective to have a team of holistic practitioners at your disposal. That includes the acupuncturist, chiropractor, osteopath and naturopath at our Toronto back pain clinic. They can often relieve back pain very quickly. But it’s still important to check in occasionally to make sure you don’t re-injure.
  • Acupuncture. Acupuncture often helps relieve back pain in minutes.
  • Long-term relief. Acupuncture does have a cumulative effect, and then supplements are also very helpful for long term back pain relief. Effects are often felt within 3-4 weeks. Acupuncture may still be called for a few times per year for flare ups.

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