Asthma Treatment – A Naturopathic Approach, Beyond Puffers

An inhaler can be a life saver during an asthma attack. But natural asthma treatment is also a highly effective option for long term asthma relief.

Asthma Treatment

Natural treatment of asthma is better for your body. Plus, it can reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks tremendously, sometimes down to nothing.

It’s so empowering to get rid of your asthma symptoms. That includes the shortness of breath, the coughing, wheezing and tightening of your chest, the sensitivities to your environment, the rapid heartbeat and exhaustion.

Dr. Anthony Gucciardi, Naturopathic Doctor

Asthma is something that is quite prevalent in the population. Whether it’s someone who has asthma their whole entire life, or it’s an older adult who has moved to a new house, a new city, a new country. And all of the sudden, this new environment is making their airways react.

I’ve definitely had patients come in who have been on daily doses of corticosteroids for longer than 15 years.

Moving forward, patients are afraid, they really know the implications of using their puffer that often, that frequently.

One of the great things of Naturopathic Medicine is being able to support the reduction of someones medication.

Obviously we don’t have the power to reduce an inhaler dose, or the dose of a pharmaceutical. But working with the prescribing practitioner is important; whether it’s sending them letters, sending a request of records, or just making them aware of a weaning protocol.

There’s a lot of other options for asthma, and I love being in the position where I can give them to patients. Not only is it exciting for them, but it’s quite fulfilling for me as well. 

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