Assessment and Diagnostics

Health Assessment Toronto Our naturopathic doctors and other practitioners draw on a variety of assessment tools and approaches in order to tailor a treatment plan to your health, your body, and your needs.

Our diagnostics may include a combination of questionnaires, dialogue with the patient, laboratory tests, and more unconventional assessment tools such as Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or kinesiological muscle testing (Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicine).

Your family history, past or present lifestyle, workplace habits, home stress, or even an old accident can provide clues that will lead to correct diagnosis and the best possible treatment.

We rely on a thorough health history, nutritional assessment, physical examination, and previous medical reports as well as blood tests, urinalysis, gynecological examination, allergy testing, x-rays and other medical diagnostics.

Assessment is an important part of our services, and we believe that our approach is second to none in providing an accurate, helpful diagnosis that enables us to specifically tailor treatment to your health and your needs.