Do as I say, not as I do

Because of the LONG, extremely cold winter, a lot of our plants did not survive.  So into our trunk goes 8 of those bulky bags of soil, and into the back seat is a heavy, Japanese maple tree, along with a bunch of small shrubs.

Of course, as a chiropractor I’m very aware of the proper lifting techniques.  We tell our patients:  “Bend at the knees”, “don’t twist”, and “keep your back straight”.   However, in real life it’s unavoidable to “don’t twist” when putting in and taking plants out of your back seat, or to “keep your back straight” when you’re pulling out bags of dirt from your trunk.

Other recommendations we give are to warm up your muscles by doing specific stretches.  Did I do them?  NOPE.  Why not?  I was in a hurry.  What happened?  That evening, I had low back pain.  Fortunately, I received chiropractic care and recovered very quickly.

If you currently have back pain because of gardening, come in to Mahaya Forest Hill to get rid of it.  In addition, you’ll learn the proper techniques to prevent future reoccurrences.   Prevention is always the best policy, so do as I say and not as I did if you want to avoid back pain.