3 ways to stop freezing hands and feet

By Justin Lee, Acupuncturist


Does this sound familiar:

Are you the first person in the office to wear sweaters in the fall?

Do you even have your own personal space heater at your desk because your hands and feet are cold all the time?

Does the office AC always feel like it’s on full blast?

You might think that it’s just the way your body is and there’s nothing you can do to change it. But wait! There is hope!

I’m going to share with you 3 techniques that will warm your body up – from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes. And it’s all based on Chinese Medicine theory…

1. Eat warm foods

What you choose for your daily snacks can have a bigger impact on your “cold-blooded body type” than you thought!

When it’s cold out, your body’s natural survival instincts are to protect your organs first. If your body doesn’t have enough heat to stay warm, it draws heat from the extremities and focuses on keeping your core warm. Hence, the cold hands and feet!

By eating cold food, or drinks straight from the fridge, this drains a ton of heat and energy from your body! Just think about how much work it is to warm up a 4°C orange juice to 36.5°C in your stomach!

Your stomach is like a furnace. It needs to stay warm to be able to process the food you eat. This zaps your stomach’s digestive fire, which leads to bloating. So avoid cold food, it’s that simple.

Try these changes:

If you like..You’ll love…
Yogurt or SmoothieOatmeal with raisins and cinnamon
SaladSoup & Salad combo meal

2. Fire up your internal furnace

Ginger. This is a great warm spice that will help keep your body temperature up during cold months. I enjoy a good ginger tea in the morning to get me started. Ginger also works great in a stir fry.

3. Take the fight to the cold instead of waiting for it

“What’s the best way to avoid a punch? Don’t be there to get punched.” Prevent getting cold in the first place..

  • Wear extra layers that you can take off if needed
  • Dry your hair completely before going outside
  • Wear some warmer wool socks indoors and outdoors

It’s easier to keep warm than it is to warm up from being cold.

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